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Airline Flight Check-In Americas


Make sure you're connected to the internet when starting up the App!

When pop-up screen ask to synchronize the data please select Yes.


This is the home screen of the Airline Flight Check-In Americas.

At the bottom you will find four buttons namely Airlines, Favourites, Boarding Pass and Help.

Airlines: This will bring you to the home screen of the Airline Flight Check-In Americas.

Favorites: This is where you will find your favorite Airlines that you selected.

Boarding Pass: This is where you will find your stored Boarding Passes for offline use.

Help: This is the section that will guide you how to use the travel companion.

Now on the home screen you can select a number of options: Home Base Airlines, Categories and Travel Support.

Home Base Airlines:  Here you can select an Airline based on the region where they are based. In the Airline Flight Check-In Americas you have access to North and South America and will give you the opportunity to Check-In with Airlines in that region. If you want to Check-In with more than 220 Airlines worldwide then install the Airline Flight Check-In World which will give access to the following regions:

-North America.

-South America.






See screenshot below:


Categories: Under Categories you will find the following options:

See screenshot below:


Major Airlines: You can find an Airlines using the Major Airline pages.

Major Airlines

Low Cost: You can find an Airline using Low Cost Airline pages.

Low Cost Airlines

One World: The One World Airlines and Partners.

One World

Sky Team: The Sky Team Airlines and Partners.

Sky Team

Star Alliance: The Star Alliance and Partners.

Star Alliance

This is very handy if you fly with alliances.

Hotel Check-In: Using this option we give you the opportunity to Check-In online for a number of hotels.

Hotel Check In

Car Rental: Using this option we give you the opportunity to Check-In online for a number of car rental companies.

Car Rental

Travel Info: Under this category you will find a collection of travel support and travel news.

Travel Support

Lets give an example of selecting a Airline using regions of the home base of the Airline. 

We push the button of Home Base Airlines. We will see the screen below:


We want to Check-In with Delta Airlines. We select North America on the map.

We are now presented with all the Airlines who have their home base in North america. See screenshot below.

:North America

Just touch the Delta Airlines logo. The next screen will show you the check-in page from Delta Airlines.


Fill in your details. Normally you will have a booking code or reservation code.

After you have checked in you will receive a boarding pass or mobile boarding pass.

The Airline will display the boarding pass within our Application you can simple press the Boarding Pass button.

This will store the boarding pass on your device for offline use.

See the screen shot below.

Boarding Passes

From now on you can just quickly find your boarding pass for you flights. Select Delta to retrieve your boarding pass for your Delta flight. 

There are some Airlines like KLM, Air France and American Airlines who will send you the boarding pass,

by email or SMS. When you go to your messages the 2D Bar Coded boarding pass will be displayed.

On some smart phones, you can make a screen copy for offline use by pushing the power and home button simultaneously.

The boarding pass will be stored in your photo library.

If you use a smart phone device you can make a screen copy using free apps.    

In the photo library you will find the boarding pass and will look like this:

LHBoarding Pass

Now you can go to the Airport and use this mobile boarding pass throughout the check-in points at the Airport.

If you have any questions please mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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